Evening shows and entertainment



Every year, the evening program offers you many new features and unique shows of the highest quality.

A beautiful program of entertainment and shows awaits you every evening, and throughout the summer, at Nai'a Village - Camping Paradis by Nai'a. These evenings adapted to the whole family, some of which are specially chosen for your little ones, are a moment of relaxation, wonder and happiness. Come and admire shows presented by show professionals on our magnificent stage every evening during the summer.



Evenings don't stop at 11:00 at Nai'a Village!

In the second part of the evening, you can attend midnight movie screenings or dance in our Silent Parties until the end of the night, a Nai'a exclusivity!



Immersion in the heart of the evenings and shows that we offer at the Nai'a Village. An exceptional and unique program for the joy of all.



the "8pm Happy Hour" all summer long!


From 8pm on the stage of the Camping Paradis by Nai'a your Happy Hour appointment: it is by tasting your aperitif and some tapas of which we have the secret that you will discover animations, family games, concerts and a jazz festival!


Throughout the summer, the "20 Happy Hour" is a crazy program adapted to the whole family!



Nai’a By Night

Your shows and evenings!



This year again, we offer you exceptional shows and shows on the Nai'a Village stage with many new features. You will be amazed and leave amazed after each evening!



Nai’a After Midnight

Silent Party on gogo !



At Nai'a Village, extend evenings well beyond midnight by attending our Silent Parties! Discover this new hype concept in the event industry. Each participant is given a wireless headset upon arrival. All he has to do is turn it on, put it on his ears and the music sounds. We offer you different tracks that you can choose directly on the helmet. From there, all you have to do is dance! We're waiting for you!



Would you like to join friends to share these exceptional evenings?

For a modest access fee, they will join us! Be aware that an original evening program also awaits you every evening in September!


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Nai'a Village

New in 2021 : Sensation Packs arrive at Nai'a

Nai'a Village
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Nai'a Village

Camping Nai'a Village

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Nai'a Village

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